Second Grade

Teacher – Mrs. Mathewson


  • Daily Bible instruction with a challenge to apply God’s truth
  • Taking a “jog” through the Old Testament books:  Genesis, Exodus, II Kings, Daniel, Nehemiah, and Esther; integrating the Bible with ancient history; a verse by verse study of the Gospel of Luke
  • Chapel on Wednesdays with emphasis on the Ten Commandments and applying them to one’s life
  • CREDO:  Weekly memorization of a verse and basic doctrinal truth done in classical question/answer format
  • Bible, poetry, and history integration through memorization of the “Jog Through The Old Testament” by Cheryl Sieker


  • All upper and lower case cursive letters are introduced
  • Work on connecting letters properly


  • Daily reading comprehension emphasized through reworking of spelling and vocabulary from history and science
  • Specific reading comprehension assignments based on selected readings according to student’s ability
  • Reading and discussing selected books from the Logos School reading list including Little House in the Big Woods and Little House othe Prairie
  • Two reading contest; 1st contest goal – 1500 pages, 2nd contest goal – 3500 pages

Phonics and Spelling:

  • Spell to Write and Read by Wanda Sensari
  • Understanding and knowing all 70 basic phonograms
  • Using multi-senses to retain information
  • Correct spelling/accurate copying required on all assignments


  • Shurley Grammar Level 2
  • Sieker Grammar Chants
  • Recognize and label nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and prepositions
  • Learn all grammar chants for all parts of speech
  • Understand and identify direct objects, predicate nouns, and predicate adjectives in a simple sentence pattern


  • Write well-constructed complete sentences with correct capitalization and punctuation
  • Use of the comma in dates, addresses lists, nouns of apposition, nouns of direct address
  • Write a well-constructed short paragraph
  • Introduction to imitation writing and myths
  • Practice using a dictionary and thesaurus


  • Classical Math II – Logos School – B. J. Jordan
  • Many teacher-created materials
  • Master times tables, 2-9, using songs


  • Ancient History:  Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome
  • History Pockets by Evan Moor:  Egypt, Greece, Rome
  • Many supplemental history/storybooks to enrich – Troll Press
  • Sieker ancient history Sound-Off, Egypt Grammar Song, and other chants and sound offs to facilitate learning
  • Many chants and sound-offs to facilitate learning facts
  • Some integrated art work of things being studied


  • Beginning map skills (both ancient biblical and current)
  • Introduction to the 50 states, capitals, postal abbreviations, and date the state was excepted into the Union


  • Many teacher created materials from personal book and library sources
  • Marine biology:  Logos School science materials-North American fish
  • Anatomy:  Digestive, Respiratory and Circulatory, Musculoskeletal, and Nervous system
  • Magnets and small machines; Weather; Earth Science – rocks, volcanoes, and caves
  • Many sound-offs to facilitate learning facts
  • Some integrated art work of things being studied


  • Essential elements of art including line, shape, value, color, and texture
  • Emphasis on drawing and on the process of noticing, reflecting, and duplicating
  • Special projects touch on geometry, design, using rulers, drawing from nature and printing


  • Introductory Choral Music using the Kodaly Method
  • Folk songs, hymns, patriotic songs, and Christian holiday works


  • Twice a week with exercises, stretching, and games
  •  Emphasis on teamwork, good sportsmanship, and general fitness