The Knox Classical Academy Difference

By Ben McReynolds, for The Christian Journal. 

While many will agree that our American education system today leaves much to be desired, I expect we will struggle to come to agreement on the best method for correcting it. Many admirable efforts are under way by educators to right the wrongs and teach effectively, and my intention is not to criticize educators and institutions, especially those who are Christian. But there exists a method of educating that produced some of the greatest thinkers of all time, a method that has been abandoned and replaced, and that is currently being rediscovered in the form of Classical Christian education. It is my intention to introduce and explain this method.

First I will separate the two parts. Greek culture has forever affected our Western world by producing philosophies upon which education and society have since relied. This is the Classical component of our school, expressed in particular through observance of the Trivium. The Trivium is the three-fold curricular approach of Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric. The Grammar stage refers to the nuts and bolts of language, terms and rules regarding subjects that will be studied later, and this takes place during a students’ primary years, kindergarten through about the sixth grade. This is when memorization is easiest and most enjoyable. The next stage, the Logic stage, is when a student learns to detect and create good arguments, and this is taught in the Jr. High years. After a student can apply logic well in all their subjects, they are taught Rhetoric, which is the art of effective communication. In her monumental essay, The Lost Tools of Learning, Dorothy Sayers explains that a student who graduates with these components intact should have the tools to engage any subject for the rest of their lives.

Perhaps more important than the curriculum, Truth, goodness, and beauty (logos, ethos, and pathos) are the pursuit of a Classical education. This three-fold purpose is an inheritance from Greek philosophy, and is also a key component of what makes Classical Christian education distinctly Christian. Treated as absolutes, these three noble ideas are the constant goal of a Classical Christian scholar, and the most important resource in pursuing these goals is Scripture. In a Classical Christian education, the Bible becomes the most important tool for instruction, and Theology becomes chief among the sciences.

Knox Classical Academy is bringing this distinct form of education to Jackson County. Our students will wear uniforms, study Latin, enjoy the great books, and graduate with those “lost tools of learning.” As a Christian institution, it will be our goal to respect and serve parents, in assisting them in the education of their children. And it will be our mission to equip students to think and act biblically, to obey God, and to lead and serve others.

For more information, please visit our resources page. We are currently enrolling kindergarten through second grade, and are holding monthly informational meetings for interested parents.