What are our parents saying?

“The teachers at Knox Academy have nurtured our children during a particularly challenging year for our family. They partnered with us to provide individual support for each of our daughters’ unique needs this year. Knox strives to incorporate God’s Word into all aspects of learning, and it’s such a delight to see all that our girls are learning. They have thrived at Knox!”

“Leading up to my son attending school, I did so much intensive research. Should I home school, public, or private? The more I looked into public schools, the more concern I felt. With common core education, confusion of gender identity & the influence of teachers & staff with completely different values from our family, I felt that if we put him in a public school we would have to unpack everything he learned. Who has time for that? I knew that private education was the best route! I could not be happier with that choice. He thrives at Knox. I love the small class sizes, the parent & community involvement, the deep teaching of the Word & uniforms. Having school uniforms makes our mornings run so smoothly. Honestly, I feel like he will be getting a better education than I did and so I am looking forward to learning new things & growing as a family.”

“As the grandmother of a kindergarten student at Knox Academy, I volunteer 1 day at week at the school.  The kindergartners know their phonics, letter formation and are blossoming readers.  They know place value up to the hundreds place.  The 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade class sing the presidents in order as they are learning more about them.  They also sing the 50 states in alphabetical order.  All the students have learned many hymns and songs, as well as Bible verses.  The students look so neat in their uniforms.  Do you have any children or grandchildren?  Knox Academy is the school for them!”